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Sebastiano Conca was Italian painter from the Gaeta. He was an artist known for late Baroque style of painting.  

Conca first studied art under Solimena in the Kingdom of Naples. He then moved to Rome with his brother Giovanni in 1706. He stayed at Rome for several years and worked to improve his drawing by using chalk only. There he was able to create numerous altarpieces, historical and mythological paintings as well as frescoes. Get your favourite artwork on a promotional usb.

His creations were patronized by Cardinal Ottoboni who introduced him to Clement XI. The coronation of Santa Cecilia was done by him in collaboration with Carlo Maratta. By 1718, he was elected as member of the Accademia di San Luca. He served as director for the Accademia from 1729 - 1731 and from 1739 - 1741. Pompeo Battoni, Andrea Casali, Placido Campoli, Corrado Giaquinto, Salvatore Monosilio, Gaetano Lapis, Literio Paladini, Rosalba Maria Salvoni, Drancesco Preziao, Gasparo Serenari and Agostino Masucci were some of his students in the Academy.  

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